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Win the ultimate Welsh adventure with Go Below and Nine!

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Enter now for a chance to WIN 2 spaces on Go Below Underground Adventures’ Hero Xtreme trip and an entire year supply of deliciously nutritious NINE bars to fuel your fun even more! Go Below’s Hero Extreme trip takes place in Snowdonia, in the depths of the world’s largest and deepest slate mine, Cwmorthin, or ‘The Slaughterhouse’ as it was known to the quarrymen who worked there.

You’ll certainly need a NINE bar or two to fuel you on this 6-hour journey, crossing ziplines and bridges over gaping chasms, following ancient ledges and walkways past hideous drops and navigate ladders on towering chamber walls. Eventually the journey reaches a depth of over 1,300 vertical feet – the deepest publicly accessible point in the UK – before winding it’s way slowly back up equally challenging series of obstacles to emerge back into the daylight – tired but grinning! Think you’ve got what it takes?