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Nine powerful benefits looking after your health and wellbeing

We want to make those everyday healthier choices well… easier! At NINE we know looking after ourselves has never been more important. That’s why with all our years’ experience obsessing over seeds we have developed an amazing range that not only tastes so good but does you good.

Providing not just one or even two or three but NINE powerful benefits in every bar, helping us all look after our health and wellbeing.

Naturally from seeds

We believe in the power of seeds at NINE and are very proud that all these wonderful benefits provided are harnessed naturally from the nutritious seeds, fruit and nuts we carefully cram into every one of our bars.

The nine benefits uncovered

Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax and hemp seeds are the nutritional force behind every NINE bar and with at least 50% seeds in every single flavour it’s a powerful delivery of health and deliciousness in equal measure.

1. High in copper and a source of selenium. Every bite helps support your immune system.

2. You won’t find any hidden nasties in our bars.

3. Supporting good gut health and digestion.

4. Nothing but goodness from our seeds; keeping you fuller for longer, naturally. Helps build muscle and repair cells naturally.

5. A powerful antioxidant helping your body fight off infection.

6. Supporting cognitive function.

7. Of course – as you should expect from NINE and perfect for those with an intolerance.

8. Helping you find exciting vegan snacks to support your lifestyle.

9. Supporting a healthy nervous system and a healthy heart.

The Founder of Nine bar loved seeds so much he’d eat them everyday

The only downside to them was the mess. After much thought, he came up with a genius and easier way to enjoy them.

Introducing NINE bars!

27 years later we’re proud to have an ever-growing range of healthier snack bars – all with seeds at the heart (and no mess in sight).

New and exciting flavours including vegan White Choc, Blueberry & Almond, Salted Caramel and Pecan and Dark Choc, Pistachio & Brazil are sure to excite and there is a tempting flavour to suit everyone! Checkout the full range here


Including vegan White Choc, Blueberry & Almond, Salted Caramel, Pecan & Dark Choc, Pistachio & brazil are sure to excite, there is a tempting flavour to suit everyone!