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NINE Reasons to Go Vegan

As November is World Vegan Month, we wanted to share NINE reasons why you should follow a vegan diet. Saving animals from the meat industry will always be the driving factor of veganism but there are so many other benefits to adopting a vegan diet; for you and everyone else.

1.For the animals

Each vegan saves up to 200 animals each year.

2.For the planet

The meat industry contributes more to the greenhouse effect than the transport industry.

3.For food equality

It takes 13 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat. Therefore, it would be much more efficient if people ate the crops used to feed livestock directly.

4.For water equality

There’s currently 780 million people struggling to access clean water whilst it takes up to 200 times more water to raise livestock than it does to raise a plant.

5.For your skin

Removing animal products from your diet has been proven to reduce acne.

6.For your heart

It is estimated that vegans are 42% less likely to suffer from heart disease.

7.For weight loss

A vegan diet naturally reduces your calorie intake.

8.For the nutrients

People who consume a vegan diet consume more fibre and antioxidants

9.For climate change

The meat industry produces carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane gas which are all huge contributors to global warming.