The 9NINE Barn door is always open..


We’re a vibrant and collaborative team that spends our days thinking, planning, sketching, writing and trying to do justice to the little bars of goodness we all love. We’re a group of hardworking, passionate, energetic and creative souls. We’re behind the scenes but very much the forefront of the brand.



  • We really value the importance of play at 9BARN, so you’ll often find us on our lunch breaks playing rounders, Mario Kart, card games and more!
  • Just like seeds, we encourage growth in our team and often send our employees off on training courses, talks and more.
  • As a smaller team, we really value everyone’s ideas and opinions, everyone gets heard. There’s plenty of opportunity to develop your ideas into reality.

Work Experience

We’re a fast moving brand, and we’re always open to offering valuable experience to those who are proactive and enthusiastic. Do you have a passion that you think could be nurtured at 9NINE? You could be an amateur developer, a photographer, anything! We’d love to hear from you…pop your CV to and we’ll try and find a place for you!

Current Opportunites

General Administrator

Financial Controller

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