We are 9NINE

We believe in living life to the full 9NINE yards…

Seeds are and always will be at the heart of our brand and we strongly believe everyone should be given access to healthier snacking alternatives that have a positive impact not just on their body but on their mind and soul too, so if we spot an opportunity to help make this happen…we will! We love a positive and enthusiastic attitude at 9NINE – it’s built in our DNA and we will continue to seed change as we grow our much loved brand. Explore our heritage below and discover your own 9NINE feeling.

the power of 9nine


Our bars were first created by a hippy 20 years ago who loved seeds and the way they made him feel and wanted a delicious way to get more into his world. Our 9NINE range aims to be tasty and packed with super seeds, and we’re always passionate about finding more and more ways delicious ways to get more seeds into your life! Our super seeds also give you 9 natural benefits that will keep you feeling on cloud 9NINE all day long…to work, rest and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!

We’re passionate about what we think, feel and do and hope that this shines through in everything we do from selling our wonderful products to the small corner shop or to the larger retailer outlets across the UK and Europe.

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