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Vegan Benefits

9 benefits of being a vegan

To celebrate World Vegan Month we’ve decided to show you just why being a vegan isn’t all about the veggies, it’s actually better for you. Here’s why… 1.) “Oh, you only have five a day?” Five? Try doubling that. On a vegan based diet you’re more likely to intake double the amount of daily fruit

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Autumn Food

Eating in season: Autumn’s best

Autumn is officially under way and whilst we may not be overjoyed with the change in climate, we’re most certainly loving the abundance of fresh fruit and veg that are currently in season! Ripe and ready to eat, here’s some of this season’s best… Big veggies Big bad boys such as pumpkin and squash have

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Seeds Young

Ways that seeds can keep you feeling young!

Can your diet really make you feel younger? What you should be thinking is can nutrition stop me from looking older? Nothing will stop you physically getting older, but eating well will of course help you to stay healthier and give you more energy, not just so you can keep dancing until dawn but so

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Power of Seeds

We are celebrating the power of seeds!

The nutritional basis of 9BAR is its nutritious mix of seeds, up to 71% per bar and seeds are well known as a nutritionally dense food, providing a wide range of essential nutrients. Seeds contain a rich source of plant-based essential amino acids more commonly found in animal based protein sources. Hemp seed for example,

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Tough Mudder Nutrition Tips

9 nutritional tips when training for Tough Mudder

Taking part in a Tough Mudder event this year? Well we have our 9 top nutrition tips to help you on your way. 1. DON’T DO DIFFICULT, NUTRITION IS ALL ABOUT KEEPING IT SIMPLE – There is nothing complicated about good nutrition. Natural food like veg and fruit are purely nutritious. The more you process

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Reasons carob is a healthier alternative to chocolate

We know many of us rely on Easter as the perfect excuse to scoff some choccy, however this is often accompanied with a good ol’ side of guilt. We’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge now and again, however did you know that the chocolatey stuff we top our bars with isn’t actually chocolate at all?

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