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Greg Whyte

Greg’s top 9 ways to keep you motivated this January…

You can do it! 1.Think big & be specific: New Years resolutions are all about setting yourself a goal but all-to-often we either don’t bother or we make the goal unachievable. Make sure you set yourself a target that is challenging but achievable. 2. Believe in yourself: The biggest barrier to achieving success is often

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9 ways to spread the Christmas cheer

Christttttmas time, Peanut 9BAR and wine…. What do you mean those aren’t the words?! We’re feeling festive here at 9BAR HQ (in case you couldn’t tell), so we thought we’d share our 9 ways to spread the Christmas cheer! 1.) Jingle all the way It’s December! If you haven’t changed the décor of your house to

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Best Hikes

9 of the best places to go for a hike

We’ve rounded up a list of the best and most beautiful places in the UK to go on a hike. Give ‘em a go, we dare you… 1.) Glen Affric, Scotland. Claimed to be one of Scotland’s most glamorous glens and a big hit with walkers, Glen Affric stretches down river towards Loch Affric and

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Vegan Benefits

9 benefits of being a vegan

To celebrate World Vegan Month we’ve decided to show you just why being a vegan isn’t all about the veggies, it’s actually better for you. Here’s why… 1.) “Oh, you only have five a day?” Five? Try doubling that. On a vegan based diet you’re more likely to intake double the amount of daily fruit

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Autumn Motivation

9 ways to stay motivated for autumn

Here’s 9 ways to fight the urge to go into hibernation and stay motivated this autumn! 1.) Change the routine – It is easy for a workout routine to become monotonous and boring, however even changing little things from time to time will breathe new life into your workout. 2.) Update your playlist – Changing

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Power of positivity

The power of positivity

Here at 9BAR central, healthy living is something we hold close to our hearts (and our stomachs.) However healthy living doesn’t just mean your physical wellbeing – it’s your mental health as well. To mark Positive Thinking day, we’ve come up with 9 wonderful reasons why you should always see the glass half full! 1.)

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Good Deeds

The ultimate list of good deeds

You might’ve heard we’re pretty big on good energy here at 9BAR, so with this in mind we’ve put together the ultimate list of 9 good deeds to make someone’s day! 1.) Smile We know there’s nothing more irritating than someone telling you ‘smile, it might never happen’. However, smiling at others can remind them they

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Tough Mudder

9 things we’ve learnt from Tough Mudder so far…

So it’s been a busy season for 9BAR with all this tough and muddity these last few months – busy but stupendously fun! Here’s 9 things we’ve learnt from Tough Mudder so far. 1.) Dress wisely You’re going to get wet and muddy. Like, really wet and muddy. That means your clothes are going to

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Reasons to Be Happy

9 reasons to turn that frown upside down

We’ve all heard that age old saying ‘turn that frown upside down’, well we’re giving you not one, not 2, but 9 reasons for you to do just that with our 9 reasons laughing is good for you blog. 1.) It’s a good work out – You use more muscles to smile and laugh than

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Best Workout Tracks

9 of the best workout tracks

We’ve all been there, the sun’s shining and you’re full of energy. Why not go for a run! So you grab your gear, headphones in, world off. You start on your merry way and stick shuffle on and – oh please no – the first song , Mad World by Gary Jules. Okay quick, next!

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National Parks

9 of the best National Parks

Each year, National Parks Week takes place all over the UK in celebration of all things that are unique and wonderful about Britain’s best outdoor breathing spaces! This year it takes place from 27th July to 2nd August. Because we like to think we know our stuff when it comes to the great outdoors, here’s

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Tough Mudder

9 things only soon-to-be Mudders will understand

So you’ve taken the first step and finally found the courage to sign up to get Tougher. You’ve made the Mudder pledge, you’re totally ready and feeling pretty good, until the realisation hits that you can never really be ready… For every newbie, here’s 9 steps to earning that orange headband. 1.) First comes the

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Best Family Walks

9 of the best family walks

At the risk of sounding like your gran, too much time glued to digital devices really isn’t great for you and with the warmer weather now gracing us with its presence, why wouldn’t you want to head outdoors? A good dose of the wilderness can be a great (and inexpensive) way to spend a bit

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Best Marathons World

9 of the best marathons from around the world

With marathon season now well and truly upon us, we thought we’d put our feelers out and ask some of our running roadies to give us a list of their top marathons from around the world. So here you go! 1.) Berlin Marathon (27th September) Once upon a time in a forest in Grunewald…the first

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Workout Pet

9 ways to get fit with your pet

We need a subheading to go here. 1.) Doga It doesn’t take a genius to work this one out – a cross between doggies and yoga. Doga can be a calming and pleasant workout for both man and dog alike. We’d recommend checking out classes in your local area, if not there’s always how-to vids

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Best Welsh Walks

9 best Welsh walks

Whether you’re more of Sunday stroller or a risky ramble up a mountain is more your cup of tea, wonderful Wales has something to suit everyone! Check out our 9 best Welsh walks and get out and about this St.David’s Day. 1.) Holyhead Mountain Hut Circle, Anglesey If you want to experience the great outdoors

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Fitness Apps

9 of our favourite fitness apps

There’s not many of us that would even consider the prospect of leaving the house without our smart phone these days. And who can blame us? Our phones have become our calendar, our social life and now, even our workout buddy. With this in mind, we’ve come up with this ultimate list of our favourite

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