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Mike Moore

Mike started mountain biking at the age of 15, he lived with his family in the countryside and unable to drive he would use his bike to make trips round to his friend’s house, sometimes this could be a 30 mile round trip.

Whilst at University and working in a bike shop Mike was encouraged to start racing and he’s been hooked ever since.  In 2009 Mike and his wife Lizzie took on the Paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet after extensive research.

Their diet consists of only fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. 

Following such a strict diet means that when training and competing Mike’s ability to metabolise fat is increased and during endurance sports he can effectively spare his glycogen stores. As Mikes body finds it normal not to digest large amounts of sugar he is able to train for up to two hours in a morning before eating as he can use his natural fat stores. When Mike does needs sugars during a competition he typically eats either dried fruits or 9BARs.

Mike competes as part of a Paleo team with five other members and is now an expert mountain biker and specialises in short highly technical courses.


It means the world to me to be a part of team 9BAR, the team are really supportive and it’s great to be able to take inspiration from so many other awesome athletes. You really feel like part of a large but somehow still a personal team.