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Amanda Byram!

We have teamed up with TV personality and Total Wipeout presenter Amanda Byram, who became an ambassador for the brand late 2014.

A huge 9BAR fan, Amanda is known for her healthy, active lifestyle. She promotes her aspiration to be fit rather than just thin, making her a nationwide role model. A big fan of lifting weights, Amanda also enjoys pilates, body barre and boot camp sessions.

9BAR aims to encourage people from all walks of life to get fit, an active, providing much needed energy for gym sessions and a general active lifestyle. Each tasty bar is made with a blend of wholesome seeds including sunflower, pumpkin and hemp, providing a good nutritious energy boost and a guilt-free, tasty alternative to unhealthy snacks.

Talking about the partnership, Amanda said: “I’m always very conscious about what I’m putting into my body food-wise, and am a big fan of eating good fats in order to keep fuller for longer, which in turn stops binge eating. Nuts and seeds have always been my go-to saviour, but they can get quite boring. That’s when I discovered 9BAR. They’re packed full of natural ingredients and nutrients, which is really important to me, and that makes them the ideal healthy snack. Plus all those nuts and seeds mean they are wicked to eat before a workout or when I’m busy running about to get a much-needed boost of slow release energy. For years I’ve been stowing 9BARs in my handbag/car rather than a bar of chocolate or bag of crisps!”

Mark Gould, CEO at 9BAR says: “We all need a good energy boost to get us through our busy and active lifestyle whether we’re actively keeping fit or running a busy life! We are thrilled to be working with Amanda who embodies all our values, focusing on fitness rather than dieting and encouraging people to get out and enjoy outdoor fitness pursuits. This is an exciting partnership for 9BAR, having Amanda as a 9BAR ambassador will enable us to introduce 9BARs to a wider lifestyle audience, on top of the original sporting and free-from food fans.”