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The Perfect Healthy Snack for Work – Seed Bombes

healthy snack for work

The Rule of Three is a principle suggesting that when things come in threes, they are more satisfying and more effective. When it comes to our new Seed Bombes, we have to agree. Smart snacking in between meals can help keep your energy levels up and give your body good nutrients. Our Seed Bombes come in packs of three – that’s three perfectly sized explosions of goodness to keep you going when the munchies hit. This makes them the perfect healthy snack for work, as you can have one Seed Bombe every few hours spaced out over the day.

Snacking is often frowned upon but it’s not the snacking that’s bad for you, it’s reaching for high fat, high sugar and highly processed foods that really should be avoided. If you are a sensible snacker, it can be a really healthy and beneficial part of your daily diet. Whether it’s an elevenses craving, an office slump mid-afternoon or a late night sweet tooth, our Seed Bombes have it covered. These delicious snacks will give you a healthy slow-release energy boost to achieve all of your work objectives. Due to their density, it makes them a healthy snack for work that’ll fill you up quickly, right up until lunch!

Our new Bombes are available in two delicious flavours, Coconut and Raspberry and they boast high levels of fibre, magnesium and come with no added sugar. Inside you’ll find mixed seeds, fig paste, sultanas, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and not much more. They’re great if you’re looking to cut down on calories too, as each Bombe only comes in at 66 calories, making them overall a lower calorie option than our popular bars.

If you’d like to try them out, you can find them over on our Seed Bombes page on our website in cases of 12. This will be plenty to keep you going through many a work day!