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Seed Fusions – Our 9 Favourite Ways to Enjoy Them!

Seed Fusions

Seed Fusions are extremely versatile and can be eaten in an ever growing number of ways. If you’re looking to add extra protein, flavour and texture to your meals, look no further!

1. Sprinkle over salad

Let’s be honest, not everyone looks forward to their work lunch of salad, so give it a boost with a sprinkle.

2. Add to mashed avocado on toast

Now a breakfast staple, why not bring even more life to your avocado with some Super Seeds.

3. Spice up your soup

Want to add a bit of texture and crunch to your soup, mix in some Seed Fusions.

4. Enjoy with noodles

The bold flavours of our Seed Fusions blend well with noodles, a great alternative to nuts.

5. A new jacket potato topping

One for those bored of the same cheese or beans toppings, try Seed Fusions to bring more protein to your meal.

6. Super Seed Stir fry

Seed Fusions take inspiration from flavours around the world and so will feel at home in your stir fry.

7. Perfect with pasta

If you want to bring a touch of Spanish or Indian flavour to your meal all it takes is a pack of Seed Fusions.

8. Add to dip

Always eating hummus or a similar savoury dip? Add a few of our Super Seeds to add a new dimension to them.

9. Just on the go

Just pop them straight into your mouth from the packet, our resealable packaging makes it super easy to come back to them later too.

But more importantly, how do you eat your Seed Fusions? Let us know on social media and we could feature your idea and maybe even send you some goodies!

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