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The UK’s Top Seeds Go Head to Head

Seed Portraits

As the UK heads to the polls on 8 June, 9NINE put their own twist on Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron.

Ahead of this week’s general election, 9NINE commissioned renowned food artist Prudence Staite to create three edible portraits – of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem leaders.

It took over 100 hours to place each of the 1 MILLION tasty Super Seeds ranging from sunflower for Jeremy Corbyn’s beard, hemp for Theresa May’s hair and linseed and Seed Bombes for Tim Farron’s smile as well as chia, pumpkin and sesame plus a few nuts thrown in to shake things up a bit!

After the monumental creative marathon, Prudent Staite said “It has been super fun to create the most spoken-about people at this time from Super Seeds. The range of colours and textures have been an interesting and versatile palette to work with and I think that I have been able to capture their personalities in an edible political gallery. It’s been really fun to make an edible political statement with ‘seeding’ the leading
players in the run for leadership.”


The portraits are made up of

– 2.2kg sunflower seeds

– 2.3kg chia seeds

– 2.5kg hemp seeds

– 2.6kg linseeds

– 3kg sesame seeds

– 2.6kg pumpkin seeds

– 3kg pecans

– 2.5kg peanuts

– 5kg cashew nuts

Working with Prudence has been a great experience and it’s been a chance to have some real fun with the ingredients we use in our products. Eating healthily is so much more than simply what we digest, it provokes healthy attitudes and a happy mindset and we wanted to reflect that by having some fun of our own with the product!

It wasn’t just our Super Seeds that helped create these masterpieces, our exciting new Seed Bombes – cocoa filled goodies – were used to create the PMs jacket, Tim Farron’s mouth and Jeremy Corbyn’s background.

As shown in the picture below, Mrs May’s hair was intricately styled with a base of hemp seed. The glistening highlights were created using pumpkin and sunflower seeds and the lowlights with chia.


Theresa is well-known for her ‘out there’ neckware and the trend didn’t stop when it came to the seed version. Sunflower and carob were used to create a necklace I think the PM herself wouldn’t be out of place wearing!

Jeremy and his icon fuzzy beard have often been mentioned in the press and we thought we’d compliment his great feature with our own sunflower seeds which coincidentally matched the colour very well indeed.


Tim’s infectious smile, which has been explosive in many debates, was captured with linseed, carob and Seed Bombes.


9NINE’s Super Seeds are bang on trend as their magnesium rich, slow-release energy helps with concentration and staying focused, which if you ask me is exactly what these candidates need in this busy election campaign!

Eating healthily is at the root of many a political campaign – from children’s school lunches and health concerns throughout the NHS, to pensioners’ mental health.

The seeds have been planted… which ones will reach the necessary heights?!

Super Seeds are very much topping the pops and here are a few reasons why our leaders should embrace their unique qualities:

The All-Rounder

Chia means  ‘strength’ and as far as fuel goes, it doesn’t get much better than this. Chia seeds are full of nutrients and come with very few calories. Chia is a real all-rounder; it is appealing to the masses and for good reason, it’s hard to beat!

Labour of Love

Flaxseed is full of good things and is often referred to as wonder food. You have to grind flaxseed before using it so it’s a real labour of love, but if you’re committed, it will pay off as you can add it to anything from morning porridge to homemade bread.

Seriously Versatile

Pumpkin seeds offer vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential acids with every handful – they are seriously versatile, there is no holding them back! They can be eaten raw or cooked, added to sweet or savoury, or simply roasted for a super on-the-go snack.

Top of Their Game

Sunflower seeds are crunchy and nutty and considered by many as top of their game – they are even said to bring a glow to tired skin! Filled with goodness that’s drawn straight from the sun, they become the star of the show in recipes such as sunflower seed pesto and homemade bread.