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Greg Whyte

It has been a baptism of fire over the last 4 weeks for our 9 runners preparing for the Newham Great Run.

With such a short period of time to prepare for the 10km the focus has been on progressively increasing the distance by using a walk/run strategy slowly introducing longer episodes of running.

Alongside the running, the team have been focusing on increasing strength, and core strength and stability, both of which are key to enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injury. Now the training is nearing its conclusion the team will be focused on the day itself. With such an iconic backdrop in the Olympic Park it is going to be a truly exciting event and the first time most of #Team9BAR have run 10km. In the run-up to the day (no pun intended!) staying healthy and injury free is of paramount importance. On the day, nutrition is key to performance.

Making sure the team are fully hydrated is important (not too much or they’ll spend more time at the porta-loo’s than on the run!) as well as having a small snack to keep energy levels high prior to the start (9BAR is a fabulous pre-race, and during race snack). For the run itself, it’s all about pace; with all the excitement, don’t go out too fast – stick to the pace you have worked on in training. Most importantly of all, make sure you soak up the atmosphere, smile at the camera’s and enjoy yourselves. If you never thought you could do it, now is the time to show what you are made of.

I am immensely proud of #Team9BAR and along with the thousands of runners taking part in the #Newham10 I hope you have a fabulous day and remember, when you cross that line you are all winners.