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9 ways to spread the Christmas cheer


Christttttmas time, Peanut 9BAR and wine…. What do you mean those aren’t the words?! We’re feeling festive here at 9BAR HQ (in case you couldn’t tell), so we thought we’d share our 9 ways to spread the Christmas cheer!

1.) Jingle all the way

It’s December! If you haven’t changed the décor of your house to a replica of Santa’s grotto then get on with it. Nothing lifts your spirits like untangling last year’s lights…

2.) Ready, steady, cook!

C’mon everyone knows cooking Christmas dinner is probably one of the most stressful tasks ever, so this year why not offer your host a hand (you never know, they might reward you with an extra spud or two!)

3.) “Well, that’s a nice jumper…”

That’s right, we’re talking Christmas jumpers, the good, the bad and the ugly. Wear it with pride and unite in the fashion faux pas that is the festive jumper!

4.) Take the family on a festive walk

The frost is settling in the air, it’s a nice kind of cold, the kind where you drag your sleeping family out of bed to go on a lovely winter walk – don’t forget to pack yourself a 9BAR and a flask of tea! #ThePowerOfSeeds

5.) Smile!

Did you know that just forcing yourself to smile can actually boost your mood? Smiling is also contagious, so you’ll not only be making yourself happier but others too! Turn that frown upside down.

6.) Sing from the rooftops

Well, not literally! You’ve heard the Christmas tunes played everywhere from shops, to supermarkets and even the office. Don’t sullenly sit there; Join in! “And a one and a two and a one, two, three…”

7.) Help someone with their shopping

Perhaps you have a neighbour that’s recently fallen ill, or maybe a friend that’s mega busy at work and hasn’t had time to go shopping. Help thy neighbour (literally) and spread some festive joy by picking up a few bits for them at the supermarket – you’ll be guaranteed to get a Christmas card this year. #ThePowerOfDeeds

8.) Snail mail a handwritten letter (yes, they still exist!)

Maybe you’ve got a sibling away at university who can’t come home over the Christmas period or an elderly relative who is not quite au fait with email. A good old-fashioned handwritten letter will hold a certain level of sentiment that a festive e-card just can’t portray.

9.) Just say hello

Christmas is a wonderful time of family, fun and festivities but some people aren’t so lucky. Some people are just looking for a little conversation to cheer them up, why not start with a hello?