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So tell me… What is ‘Good Energy, Twice’ all about?

Solar Aid

Here at 9BAR we have always supported worthy causes, everything from smaller local charity events to larger sporting events, giving out our much loved 9BARS…that’s giving good nutrition for everyone involved!

As you may be aware, we have been working hard here at 9BAR HQ to give our much loved brand an exciting new look and powerful new aim…we call it ‘Good Energy, Twice’.

Good Energy for you through the super nutrition from the array of super seeds in every 9BAR and Good Energy for others through our link up with SolarAid, a UK clean energy Charity who aim to get life changing solar lights to rural African families who have no access to electricity grids.

SolarAid brings together the best of business and charity to tackle two of the world’s biggest problems – climate change and poverty. In Africa, nearly 600 million people have no access to electricity. Many rely on toxic and dangerous alternatives such as kerosene for lighting. A small solar light saves a family money, protects the environment and enables children to study after dark.

SolarAid use an innovative distribution model to sell solar lights in off-grid communities and have reached over 10 million people to-date. Their ambitious goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by the end of the decade and at 9BAR we want to help them achieve this goal and we’d love for you to join us too!

9BAR are helping get these life changing solar lights to rural African families so remember when you buy a 9BAR you are also helping to provide a night of clean light to a family in Africa…That’s ‘Good Energy, Twice’.

Over the next few weeks we will be showing you all how much of an impact just one solar light can bring to a child and family in Africa, we will be posting real life case studies about some of the families SolarAid, with the support of 9BAR and our customers, have helped so far and the impact is astonishing.

Check out our impact map to find out how your support has already made a difference.

You can also view a video all about SolarAid here:

Watch our short animation which explains exactly how our Good Energy, Twice initiative works here.