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9BAR Official Launch Event!

Its official 9BAR has changed and we couldn’t wait to show off our new look as well as our new aim! Showcased for the first time at London’s Ice Tank an amazing venue just off Covent Garden. The venue was packed with journalists and bloggers from all different industry backgrounds and the key question on everyone’s lips was… what is ‘Good Energy Twice’?

With implementing such huge changes to an already much loved brand the day started with  anxious excitement from all of us here at 9BAR HQ and as the various guests made their way in, they were greeted with 9BAR’s new logo alongside the new slogan; ‘Good Energy Twice.’ As most were already aware 9BAR is a mixed seed energy bar a fact that will never change however the ‘Good Energy, Twice’ proposition created much discussion.

All would be revealed!

Liz Tucker, an experienced and well know nutritionist started the proceedings with a talk about nutrition and the benefits of seeds. Everyone gained a good understanding about empty calories verses nutritional dense calories, and how the power of seeds added to a healthy diet could help promote a more active lifestyle.

With the new look came a new and exciting partnership for 9BAR. Next we had a talk from SolarAid, our new UK charity partners. The journalists were introduced to what the partnership is all about; Good Energy for you through the super nutrition from the array of super seeds in every 9BAR and Good Energy for others through our link up with SolarAid, a UK clean energy Charity who aim to get life changing solar lights to rural African families who have no access to electricity grids.

For every 9BAR we sell we’ll provide a night of light for families in Africa – we call it the power of seeds + the power of deeds.

After the journalists had been introduced to all elements of the re-brand including the improved recipes and reduced sugar and saturated fat, it was time to showcase how our delicious bars can also give you energy for your busy active lifestyle. Journalists were given the chance to take part in a pilates class and also meet our very own Team 9BAR ambassador, two time Olympic gold medallist and MBE Ed Clancy. Ed was able to give an insight into how 9BAR has helped him lead his very demanding and active lifestyle. He was able to talk to everyone about his training and his thoughts on the upcoming Olympics next year. It was also a perfect opportunity for a photo with Ed… wearing his medals of course!

We could not have been more pleased with the first response to our new bars, we hope everyone continues to enjoy them as much as we do!