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It’s all about our Good Energy, Twice initiative with UK Charity SolarAid

Solar Aid

News flash…You may have seen on our social media pages, out and about at Tough Mudder and on our newsletters recently that our much loved 9BAR brand is getting a makeover in the next few week with the official launch just around the corner! We will have a new logo, new packaging and a new focus – to give ‘good energy, twice’.

That means providing good, natural super-seed energy to anyone who eats a 9BAR, and also giving good, sustainable energy to families in Africa through teaming up with UK charity SolarAid.

But 9BAR wants to do more than look and taste amazing. The brand has always supported good causes, and now it’s teamed up with UK charity SolarAid to make good energy really count.

So what exactly does SolarAid do?

SolarAid brings together the best of business and charity to tackle two of the world’s biggest problems – climate change and poverty. In Africa, nearly 600 million people have no access to electricity. Many rely on toxic and dangerous alternatives such as kerosene for lighting. SolarAid have an ambitious goal to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by the end of the decade and we want to help!

A small solar light saves a family money, protects the environment and enables children to study after dark.
SolarAid use an innovative distribution model to sell solar lights in off-grid communities. They are the largest seller of solar lights in Africa, reaching over 10 million people to-date. Their ambitious goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by the end of the decade.

9BAR are helping get these life changing solar lights to rural African families though our ‘good energy twice’ initiative. So when you buy a bar you are also providing a night of clean light to a family in Africa.

You can view a video all about SolarAid here.