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Workout Pet

9 ways to get fit with your pet

We need a subheading to go here. 1.) Doga It doesn’t take a genius to work this one out – a cross between doggies and yoga. Doga can be a calming and pleasant workout for both man and dog alike. We’d recommend checking out classes in your local area, if not there’s always how-to vids

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1 Minute Berry Delight

1-minute berry delight

You heard right, this fruity bad boy takes just 1 minute to whip up! Using frozen berries, greek yogurt, honey and a sprinkling of Nutty 9bar, this delish dish is the perfect recipe for those short on time (and in dire need of a quick sweet fix). Why we reckon frozen fruit is fab: Freezing

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Reasons carob is a healthier alternative to chocolate

We know many of us rely on Easter as the perfect excuse to scoff some choccy, however this is often accompanied with a good ol’ side of guilt. We’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge now and again, however did you know that the chocolatey stuff we top our bars with isn’t actually chocolate at all?

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Benefits of Sun

The benefits of sunlight

The 20th March officially marks the start of Spring equinox! To help you get in the spirit for Spring, here’s 9 facts you probably didn’t know about the power of sunlight! 1.) It has been suggested sunlight can improve our general wellbeing and make us feel cheerier by causing us to produce more of our

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First Marathon Tips

Training tips for your first marathon

Subheading to go here 1. Your trainers are key – footwear options differ for different running terrains. Make sure you get the correct trainers for your running – we would always recommend you get them fitted professionally. Think about shoe choice a few months before your race. Wear the shoes on some shorter runs, test

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Importance of Water

Reasons why water is your ultimate workout essential

Did you know that 16th – 22nd March is National Nutrition and Hydration Week? To mark the occasion, here’s 9 quick fire reasons that H20 is the holy grail of workout essentials! 1. 65% of your body consists of water, if you lose it, it has to be replaced. 2. It flushes toxic waste and

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