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News just in… 9bar officially has a low GI rating!


A recent study at Swansea University was set up to find out a bit more about the nutritional content of the 9bar Original, the bar we have all come to love and enjoy for many reasons!

The research looked at 9bar energy distribution compared to gluco-tablets (97% dextrose monohydrate, 3% Maltodrextrin) in a resting state and investigated the glycaemic responses in healthy individuals.
We could bore you with the pages and pages of scientific detail but we thought you’d just want to know the best five findings about the Original 9bar!

So here it goes…

1. 9bar provides energy without destabilising blood glucose levels

2. 9bar sustains blood glucose levels over two hours

3. 9bars has a high satiety score

4. 9bar has a low Glycaemic Index (GI) and low Glycaemic Load (GL)

5. 9bar boosts energy but is less likely to generate low blood sugar

The research discovered gluco-tablets produced a high peak of energy at 30 minutes but energy levels slumped considerably after this point, falling below pre-consumption energy levels. The findings demonstrated how 9bar releases consistent energy over time as opposed to gluco-tablets that produce a high peak followed by a rapid fall of blood glucose.

The American McKinley scale was used to determine levels of satiety. On chart between 5 and 7 is the most satisfying. 9bar remained in this zone for over two hours and provided a much higher level of satiety constantly whereas the gluco-tablets only provided satiety for 15 minutes and then fell into the hunger range 3 in two hours.

Research like this allows us to confidently say that 9bar products are better for sustaining energy than many other products on the market, especially energy gels which cause blood glucose levels to shoot up to an unsustainable level, giving us an authority in the market.

All the evidence can be found on our summary report which you can download GI Research Report Summary.

So now you know… its official that 9bar is certainly going to keep you full and satisfied whilst giving you a sustainable energy boost but most importantly… it still tastes great!